The Super Mining Qua

20.00 USD


The Super Mining Quarry + Pumpjack  Warehouse

This 9x5x5 personal warehouse is locked for your security and includes the following items inside to get you started on your Rust journey:

  1. 1x Mining Quarry
  2. 1x Pumpjack
  3. 1x Tool Cupboard (For Authorization/Ownership)
  4. 2x Large Furnaces (with starter wood)
  5. 2x Small Refineries (with starter wood)
  6. 3x Regular Furnaces (with starter wood)
  7. 8x Large Wood Boxes on shelves for convenient storage.
  8. 4x  Wooden Boxes
  9. 1x Repair Bench
  10. 1x Research Table
  11. 1x Locker
  12. 1x Fridge
  13. 1x BBQ
  14. 3x Mixing Tables
  15. 3x Drop Boxes
  16. 1x Workbench Lvl. 1
  17. 1x Recycler
  18. Added Ladders to access the roof incase your supply signals get stuck!
  19. Auto Lights setup for night-time usage

The Mining Quarry  is powered by low-grade fuel and produces Stones, Metal Ore, Sulfur Ore, and High Quality Metal Ore outputting resources every 12 seconds.  

The Pumpjack is powered by low-grade fuel and produces Diesel Fuel that can be refined into low-grade fuel at a ratio of 1:3. 








The Super Mining Quarry and Pumpjack Warehouse is sold AS IS and no further modifications can be made by players due to building proximity rules within the game to quarries and pumpjacks.  

Purchase of this combo allows the user to have them placed in game for the duration of 1 (one) monthly map wipe.  An admin will place a zone around the warehouse to ensure it does not decay for the duration of the wipe it was purchased in. Zone will be removed for the purge/map wipe.  

This item does not carry over into the next month's wipe and a new combo must be purchased for continued usage.