PVE Server - ELITE+

20.00 USD

Brand New! Brand New! Brand New! 

The monthly subscription ELITE+ Support Upgrade Pass!

This awesome new monthly subscription addon gives you some excellent addons every month you subscribe. Thank you for your continued support team!! 

Every Month your $20.00 support upgrade pass will give you access to the following perks on the server:

1x Rusted Reality Basic Warehouse (No Diesel included) (If you only want a Pumpjack+Mining Quarry check out the Super Warehouse)

Access to MyTransit - Personal Tugboat - Spawn your own Tugboat (Remember these boats have a 48 hour decay timer, you need to login every 2 days/48 hours and pilot the boat to ensure it doesn't start decaying on you.) use /tugboat and /tugboat fetch in chat. Spawns with 100 LGF.

Access to AutoPilot - This will autopilot your vehicle for you (Mini, Scrappy and Modular Cars). Use /autopilot in chat and then select your destination by setting a map pointer icon!

1 more line of Backpack bringing your total to 24 spots. Self explanatory!

100 RP added to your balance each month!

This is a monthly subscription of $20usd for these perks - thank you for your continued support team!

Purchase of this combo will provide the user with specific items and permissions for the duration of the 30 days. it is up to the subscriber to claim their items each eligible period. No Refunds are given for any missed days of claiming any items in this subscription item.. 

Any issues with accessing the kit should be forwarded to the server owner to help address any issues or concerns.