ELITE Tokens - 60 Da

6.00 USD

ELITE Tokens - 60 Days - $6 USD


ELITE Tokens are a next level upgrade for existing VIP Members  to further their game experience and support the server at the same time. Each ELITE token gives the consumer 60 days of access to new add-ons and perks!

This item gives you as an existing VIP member of the server, upon purchase, a consumable item for your in-game personal use, sale or trade. The token provides the consumer 60 days of ELITE access on the Rusted Reality PvE Server.  You can stack up to 280 days of any VIP/ELITE token at a time, or bank them in game for future use or trade.  

After the 60 days, ELITE status is removed and backpack items may be lost. Ensure to consume another token if you want to keep the benefits of this subscriber level. use /tokenmenu to see when your status expires! All backpacks wipe with map wipe.

Only VIPs have access to get the ELITE TOKENs and experience these add-ons! 

  1. Auto Doors - Doors automatically close behind you.
  2. Set Home - Teleport to your set home up to 4 times in a 24 hours period.
  3. Enhanced Hammer - Upgrade your base with a couple of clicks!
  4. Backpacks - 12 more inventory spaces for ELITE TOKEN consumers.
  5. Monthly ELITE Kits - these ELITE TOKEN exclusives will give you access to these awesome kits during your 60 days. (Signals, Scientist Armor, Recycler, etc spread out over the 60 days)
  6. The Command Button on the Rust GUI
    1. this button allows you quick access to the token menu, to set your home and teleport to your home, and enable the remover tool with a click of a button. Click TAB to be able to use in crafting menu.
  7. ELITE Crafting Menu - Having the ELITE status will open a custom blueprint and crafting menu at any workbench levels 1, 2, or 3. You can unlock these blueprints with scrap and craft the items instantly in this menu by clicking the check mark (presuming you have learned the BP and the required materials). 
  8. Waterbikes - For 2000 scrap you can spawn a Waterbike ATV. Use /waterbike in chat to spawn it. Requires fuel. Goes on water, Spawn it on water, this is a fun way to get around. Use at your own risk!!
  9. Auto Base Upgrade - In your TC there will be an upgrade button with an icon for wood, stone, metal or hqm. Place resources to upgrade base in TC and it will auto upgrade your base for you. You can use this to downgrade as well. (No refund for previously upgraded bases)
  10. MyMini + MyTrain - /mymini to spawn /gmini to grab your mini up to 500m away (use it to get it out of water, or if you need to call it quickly) /nomini will despawn it and you must wait for your 10 minute timer to have passed since spawning it.  To spawn your personal Train use the commands as follows: /mycart to spawn /gcart to grab your mini up to 500m away (use it to get it out of water, or if you need to call it quickly) /nocart will despawn it and you must wait for your 20 minute timer to have passed since spawning it. 
    1. As a courtesy with trains please make sure to despawn it so the ring is not littered with spare trains, else we will change the setting to despawn upon disconnect. 

ELITE Crafting Menu Custom BPs that are included in this new addition are as follows:




Some of the items crafting costs are currently high as these are not common items in game, and wanted to balance out the server gameplay for those who don't have this add-on. Always open to feedback on these team! 

To sell the token in a vending machine:

List the item as Pure Anti-Rad Tea



It will look like this in a vending machine:


User has to "drink" the token to have it become active. Any questions on this, please see an admin.


  • Auto Door enabler - /ad (see below)
  • fbaadd185d65b7175794c0cf9b9abb2870a935d2.png
    • /ad s for a single door on or off and /ad t for that specific type of door on or off
    • Max time available to set is currently 10 seconds to close after opening
  • Set Home- 4 teleports to your "set home" every 24 hour period. 
    • Use the buttons on the GUI - press t to open the chat box then you move your mouse and can press the buttons, or also press tab and use it there as well (it is in the commands menu).  In chat you can remove the home set and setup a new one using these commands.
    • /home remove 1
    • /home add 1
    • This will let you reset your home and be able to use the buttons - Any issues, ask an admin.
  • Enhanced Hammer
    • Just right click to upgrade to the material you want, then you can left click the rest of your building blocks to upgrade your base. 
    • You can upgrade or downgrade to different materials easily - just make sure you have the resources in your inventory!
    • Default commands are: /eh, /hammer, /up, /grade and /upgrade.
      You can specify a grade with: 0 for Twigs, Twigs for Twigs. 1 - Wood, 2 - Stone, 3 - Metal, 4 - TopTier (aka HQM).
  • Backpacks - Carry more! Self-explanatory :)
  • Waterbikes - use /waterbike in chat while holding 2000 scrap to spawn in a waterbike.
  • ELITE KITs through the Info Menu
    • We are retired WIPEOUT Kits for VIP and upgraded this function in the ELITE TOKEN - so much value including supply signals, starter kits, food, awesome attire, and recyclers
    • Players will no longer need to "buy" a pack from the store, just redeem a button in game.


  • If you have any issues with skins timing out while loading, change your client setting to increase the download time in the f1 console --- use command "graphics.itemskintimeout 30"
  • VIP  and ELITE tokens are non-refundable  - all sales of VIP  and ELITE access tokens are final and  future cost is subject to change as new features are added. 
  • By purchasing this ELITE token you are agreeing to our servers terms of use. 
  • Handyman will be deactivated the last day of server wipe during "the purge" and reactivated the following day in the new monthly wipe.
  • As will "set home" - There will be no teleporting during the purge.