VIP Tokens - 120 Day

3.00 USD

VIP Tokens - 120 Days - $3 USD each


Buy our new VIP Tokens to trade or sell in game! This item gives you a VIP consumable item for personal use, sale or trade. The token provides the consumer 120 days of VIP on the Rusted Reality Vanilla Server.  You can stack 3 max for 360 days of VIP at a time. 

After the 120 days, VIP status is removed.

Only VIPs have access to these add-ons! 

  1. Skins: Lets you skin items without owning the skin - Over 10,000 in-game.
  2. Remover Tool: Lets you remove walls, pick up items like large furnaces, etc!
  3. Sign Artist: Lets you put images/text on signs/paintings.
  4. Skin Sight: Lets you skin any item by looking at it an typing in the command in chat
  5. Handyman: Repairs your base in an AoE type fashion.
  6. Furnace Splitter: Splits your ore/crude most economically.
  7. Vehicle Locks: Code Lock for Minicopter, Scrap Transport Heli, Modular Cars, Rowboat, Rhib, Horses, and Special Edition Sedans from the Rusted Reality Server Store. 


  • /skin - opens skin repository for all in-game skinnable items.
  • /remove - enables the remover tool to help you move your own items around.
  • /sil <url> - pastes image from url in clipboard onto sign you are looking at.
  • /silt <message> [<fontsize: number>] [<color: hex value>] [<bgcolor: hex value>] [raw] - pastes message.
  • /sili - will put an icon up of the item you are holding.
  • /skinitem [workshop id] - will skin the entity you are looking at - use /getskinid to get the ID of the item, and /skinreset to reset skin back to default.
  • Vehicle Locks - Walk up to the vehicle and use a code or key lock and it will claim the vehicle as your own - now only you as the owner can add a code lock to it. Boom no more vehicle thefts. Give your teammates the code so they can drive your vehicle, or tell them to get their own! 
  • Handyman is an automatic upgrade to your hammer tool as a server VIP member.

To sell the token in a vending machine:

List the item as Pure Anti-Rad Tea



It will look like this in a vending machine:


User has to "drink" the token to have it become active.

VIP Notes

  • If you have any issues with skins timing out while loading, change your client setting to increase the download time in the f1 console --- use command "graphics.itemskintimeout 300"
  • VIP tokens are non-refundable  - all sales of VIP access tokens are final and  future cost is subject to change as new features are added. By purchasing this VIP token you are agreeing to our servers terms of use. 
  • Handyman will be deactivated the last day of server wipe during "the purge" and reactivated the following day in the new monthly wipe.