PvE Personal Drone M

4.00 2.40 USD


This item is Rusted Reality Shop Exclusive! -  Placed at your base in-game after purchase has completed and confirmed by an admin.

Rust 2021 has added a brand new feature - DRONES!  Which in turn we are bringing directly to your base! The Personal Drone Market will allow you to make purchases  from any shop on the map directly to your base!! This advancement in drone technology makes it easier than ever to get your gardening, food, weapon, and tools without making a perilous trip across the map. The cost of items in the drone market have an added delivery fee of 20 scrap.

Purchase of this combo allows the user to have the item placed in game for the duration of 1 (one) map wipe. This item does not carry over into the next month's wipe and a new item must be purchased.  The Personal Drone Market on the Rusted Reality Store is subject to change in the future.