Store - VIP Offers

Below you will find our server's VIP Offer. Purchasing Permanent VIP is a one time fee of $6 USD or you can buy VIP tokens that give the consumer 120 days of VIP on the server.  A new addition is the ELITE TOKENs. 

VIP gives you access to a few awesome extra add-ons that will make your playing experience more efficient, fun, and help support the server at the same time. ELITE TOKENS are only available to VIP members as an upgrade to add more awesomeness and continue to help support the server. Please read the different options available and if you have any questions, please contact an admin in discord, or in game.

Permanent VIP Access - $6

6.00 USD View

VIP Tokens - 120 Days - $3 USD each

3.00 USD View

ELITE Tokens - 30 Days - $2 USD each

2.00 USD View