Store - Item Combos

These Item Combos will give you more value than buying a la carte.  Purchase one of our in-game item combos to enhance your playing experience with us!


Please ensure you are logged into the Rust server on steam before confirming your purchase - this will ensure your items are delivered instantly. Not being logged in when confirming a purchase can cause delays in receiving your items. 

PVE - Personal Super Supply Signal Cache (10)

2.50 USD View

PVE - The Small Loot Bag Combo

3.00 2.55 USD View

PVE - The Large Loot Bag Combo

5.00 4.25 USD View

PvE - Farming Starter Kit

5.00 USD View

PvE - Large Electrician's Combo

4.75 USD View

PvE - Door Closer 10 Pack

2.50 1.50 USD View

PvE - Lights Source Pack

2.50 1.50 USD View